Chassis No: 115/2901

Engine No. 1023/15C

Built : 1968

Original Colour:

  1.     Body -Crystal Blue

  2.    Roof - Mist grey

  3.     Trim - Black

Original Registration: TIU 875

Original Equipment:

  1. Cotton reel headrests

  2. Sun-dym Glass

  3. Air Horns

Current Colour: as original

Current Engine No: as original

Current Registration: as original

Mileage Record:

Sept 2009 - 88400

Current Owner since:

July 1979 

Previous Owners

1968 - 1979 - Viscount Petersham (now Lord Petersham) 

Club Area: 19 / Ireland

Past work.


  1.     Refurbished and resprayed blue with black leather roof.


  1.     Roof resprayed blue, new springs, all rubber hoses replaced, new ball joints, new rocker shafts and rockers, reconditioned steering rack fitted, electronic ignition fitted.


  1.     Refurbished and resprayed to original colours, body crystal blue, roof mist grey, recored radiator fitted, new carpets, wing mirrors fitted.

Future Projects

Owners Comments (as at Nov 2013)

Now sold to someone in Portugal I believe.

Known on the JOC Forum as TopCatAviator                                      

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