Chassis No: 115/2861

Engine No. E965/15C

Built : 21 May 1968

Original Registration: not listed

Original Colour:    Regal Red

                            Beige Interior


Original Equipment:

  1. *Power Assisted Steering

  2. *SunDym Glass

  3. *

Current Colour: ***********

Current Engine No: E**********

Current Registration:CLX 345

Current Mileage: 84139


Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

2004    -   to date.

Previous Owners: 4

****    -  *****  *************** 

****    -  *****  *************** 

Club Area:

Past work.

Future Projects:

Known on the Forum as Russel F

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JOC Membership  Number    ****

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Current Owners Comments (as at feb 2018)

Hi Steve

There have been a few hurdles. I had the car delivered to a mate who is an Aston restorer for a look-over and fettle. He has uncovered a dodgy sill repair (probably 20 years ago - so not dreadful) that needs a redo. The car had been looked-over and serviced before it left the UK and I must admit that i'm surprised that they didn't mention the sill. It has a Mallory twin-point distributor and was fitted with a new rotor, cap, leads and plugs by the Garage but they kept the old points and condenser (?!). Wouldn't start at my end. However, it did go with a clean up of the points and an Aston condenser but not very well. I have now fitted Pertronix ignition (another saga - the made-for-purpose kit didn't fit and I had to manufacture my own adapter plate) and it is now going great-guns- drives beautifully.

The sill will be redone next month, so all seems to be OK.

I presume that the Garage was having a bad day?

Russell is keen to find out about the missing year in his records. Can you help? if so email me and I will pass the information on.

The history of 2861 has a 1 year missing. It was registered as CLX345H in Aug 1969, having been delivered in May 1968. I had imagined it might have been a demonstrator or some such, but the Miss World story makes me wonder if the car had a use like that for a year and was handed back.


Comments (as at Jan 2018)


I've bought 2861 and its on its way to Tasmania CLX is now on Tassie plates CLX 345, Our rego authority has given me CLX345 (no "H")


            Blue (for sale)                         Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )

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