Chassis No: 115/2842

Engine No. E941/15C

Built : 7 May 1968

Original Registration:DMB 780F

Original Colour:    Stratosphere Blue

                Black Interior


Original Equipment:

  1. *Power Assisted Steering

  2. ********

Current Colour: ***********

Current Engine No: E**********

Current Registration: JPR 805F

Current Mileage: ***********

Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

Previous Owners:

1st ownern/k

2nd ownern/k

3rd ownerMark Butterworth, Manchester 10.02.89

4th ownerDr Denise Margaret Edwards, Bristol 31.01.98

5th ownerMr Moorhouse, Cheshire 27.06.98  (he entered the "Gran Premio Nuvolari” race, but after a blown engine it ended up with Rejen

6th ownerJason Lawrence, Winchester 19.12.01

7th ownerPeter Barwick, London 09.04.05

**********    -   to date.

****    -  *****  *************** 

****    -  *****  *************** 

Club Area:

Past work.

2005 - 2006.

2006 - 2007.

2007 - 2008.

2008 - 2009.

2009 - 2010.

Future Projects:

Known on the Forum as **** *****

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Past Owners Comments (as at Oct 2015)

Hi Steve, I don’t know if you have a record of this car, but I owned it about 10 years ago and had John and Graham Jencentre work on it as it was in a pretty poor condition. But I ended up selling the car as a project car before finishing the restoration.

The registration was JPR 805F which it had for some time, but the vehicle was originally registered with the registration DMB 78OF.

Attached are photos of the car back in 2005…I don’t know what happened to the car after I sold it.

Hope this can be added to your register of Jensen Interceptor Mkl cars

Best regards


NOTE NOT TAXED OR MoT’d since 2005.

Hi Steve, I've just found out it was sold to Jason at Rejen who scrapped it...what a shame as it wasn't a rotten car.



            Blue (for sale)                         Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )