Chassis No: 115/2563

Engine No. E 617/15B  B383 3/30  

Block: 2468130-5 LL

Built : 1st July 1967

Original Registration: NUC 479E

Original Colour:    Regal Red

    Beige Biscuit Leather


Original Equipment:

  1. *Smith's Radio,

  2. *Power Brakes,

  3. *Selectaride Dampers,

  4. *4-Wheel Disc Brakes.

  5. *

Current Colour: Bare Metal

Current Engine No: E617/15B

Current Registration: n/a

Current Mileage: 58K

Mileage Record:

1987    -   2013    2K

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

John M. Rucinski  (Henderson,  NV)

June 1987    -   to date.

(Appeared in movie:  "Speedtrap"  1977 w/ Joe Don Baker)

Previous Owners:

Jan. 3, 1979 - June 2, 1987:  Jeffrey Ammon (Las Vegas, NV)

Feb. 3, 1978 - Jan. 2, 1979:   Benson Brown (Los Angeles, CA)

Prior:  First Artist Productions  (Burbank, CA)

Originally sold in UK

Club Area:

Past work.

1987 - 1992.  Engine rebuild, Transmission rebuild, Complete Brake System rebuild w/ new Booster and Master Cylinder. Also, new Interior with Italian Monza Leather.

2011 - 2013.Complete Cosmetic Restoration - Frame off, down to bare metal.

Future Projects:

  1.  1973  Mk3  'J' series  136/9177  ( Originally sold in Hong Kong.)

Known on the Forum as jrucinski

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Current Owners Comments (as at Jun 2013)

jrucinski wrote:

Hi Steve,   Finally getting info to you for my  '67  MkI...  Still in complete tear down mode, and repairing sheet metal, sills, doors, nose, etc. Also, including pictures for website.

            Blue (for sale)                         Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )