Chassis No: 115/2496 (previously JM/EXP/116)

Engine No. 572/15B

Ex Factory : 10th May 1967

Original Registration: JOV 402E

Original Colour:    CRYSTAL BLUE

                                BLACK TRIM



Original Equipment: RADIOMOBILE  982

  1. ********

  2. ********


Current Engine No: 572/15B

Current Registration: 962 DGL

Current Mileage: ***********

Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

**********    -   to date.

Previous Owners:

- originally Mrs Graeme Smith 1967

- Unknown owner (October 2007- )

- Lindsay G. Weston (1996-October 2007)

- Russell Graham

- Richard Salter

Additional Information

taken from Richard Calver’s Data Chassis Book:

  1. originally a demonstration vehicle , this was purchased by Mrs Graeme Smith , an Australian Customer who collected it in London and shipped it to Australia 5 September 1967.

  2. However, the car was built on experimental chassis that was built in 1966 as known as JM/EXP/116 but renumbered as production chassis 115/2496. it carries Vignale body number 55.

  3. Richard Claver advises that it is pointless to talk about the date a Jensen was built. They took weeks or months to build so there is a series of dates in build. The two EXP Interceptors were driving at the time of the Motor Show in 1966 so you know they were built before then. To get the sequence of dates for every part of the process, you would best read the file which Robey can copy for you.

Known on the Forum as Craig H

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Current Owners Comments (as at Oct 2020) seen on Facebook

Hi Steve , my Vignale 115/ 2496 , JM/ EXP 116 now listed  with   offers over 100.00 pounds , can be shipped any where ,

  I’m happy for you to pass this info , to forums , club ,etc.  

cheers Craig


Exp/116 prototype re numbed as 115/2496 was purchased from Jensen in early 1967 by Miss Mary Tancred ( Tancred Meats ) for her European honeymoon , then imported to Australia by her ,the first Jensen to arrive on or shores , this vehicle has complete build sheet files including , hand written correspondence , also it is well noted in books and magazines , Mark Jensen owner of ( Oldtimers Australia ) is engaged for all inquires , the vehicle will be offered officially next week , being sold with all providence as a barn find , one of the rarest . Please contact Mark , not myself .

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