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The Jensen Owners' Club

JOC Joining the Club

To join the Jensen Owners' Club, contact the JOC Membership Secretary

or Click here to join or renew your membership online

JOC Local Areas

The Jensen Owners' Club features over 20 'JOC Areas' and each area has a local area representative that organises local meetings and co-ordinates inter-area meetings.

We also feature Local JOC Chapters in other countries, including the USA and Canada, Switzerland and Germany.

Contact the JOC Area Co-ordinator for further details of the JOC Local Areas.

JOC Forum

The JOC Forum is one of the busiest classic car forums around!

The answer to your technical question is just a click away, and all the latest JOC events and shows are detailed in the regularly updated JOC Calendar.

Be warned! Once you become part of the Forum Community, it becomes addictive!

Click here to go to the JOC Forum

The Friendly Club

We like to call ourselves "The Friendly Club".

If you have any problems with joining, meeting or logging on,
just contact us and we'll do our best to fix it.

The Jensen 541 Website

Microsite: For JENSEN 541 owners, or those just interested in learning about these models.

Go to site


Over 10 years, from prototype in 1953 until it was quietly phased out in 1963, this car set the standards in so many ways.

Read how Jensen led with:
* glassfibre bodies,
* disc brakes,
* seat-belts,
* top speed,
* and aerodynamic design

Regular news updates available!


The Interceptor Mk1 Website

For INTERCEPTOR Mk1 owners, listing all known survivors.

Go to site


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Latest News

Aerial Shots of the 2015 International

International Weekend Aerial Shot

Drone Coverage of our big Jensen meeting

Click on this Youtube link for aerial video!

(Ettington Chase, near Stratford on Avon, June 2015)


Eric Morecambe's Famous Jensen

Morecambe's car

"Restoring a piece of comedy history"

This very special 1968 Jensen Interceptor, chassis number 115/2977 left the Jensen factory on Kelvin Way in West Bromwich on the 23rd September 1968, and was delivered to its first owner, Mr Eric Morecambe, shortly afterwards.
A website has now been created to follow its restoration.

Click on
to find out more.