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Other Jensen articles and links:                                              The Jensen Owners Club.                                  Show your support with JOC items.              The famous forum.               The oracle on Jensens.                      Three enthusiasts chronicle their exploits including a useful Technical Section.                            Richard Jonsson’s blog about the Jensen's in Sweden (in Swedish).                                    Han Kamp’s Website about the Dutch Club (mostly in Dutch).                                         The Jensen Car Club of Switzerland.                A new Jensen Website from Australia.    A website of Jensens in Western Australia.                                     A website of Jensens in Germany

Jensen Spares Companies:                                            Andy Brooks of  Appleyard.                   Rejen eBay store.                                    Rejen’s New site.                            Cropredy Bridge Garage.                    Martin Robey                                        K&D Enterprise in USA great for identifying stuff and Mk1 specific items.                                   Dorset Classic Cars the Netherlands.              Delta Motor Sports in the USA.                                        Jensen specialist in the Netherlands

Other Spares and Restoration Companies                        Holden Vintage Spares  - switches lights etc.                                  Rubber and Leather cleaning stuff.                       Vintage Spares Company seen in a JOC Forum posting somewhere.          Leather-Restoration Company that have done 3 Interceptors and an FF

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