Chassis No: 117/2608

Engine No. E585/17B

Built : 12 July 1967

Original Registration: export to the Netherlands

Original Colour:    Metallic Blue

    Tan Interior


Original Equipment:

  1. *Not identified

Current Colour: RED

Current Engine No: E585/17B

Current Registration: *********

Current Mileage: ***********

Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

Pablo    -   to date.

Previous Ow2017*****  Alrid  (oslo)

****    -  *****  *************** 

Club Area:

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2019 - 2020.

Future Projects:

Known on the Forum as Pablo B

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Current Comments (as at Sep 2019)

Hey Steve,

we started disassembling the car in late November when we instantly learned that the general structure was more plaster than metal ;) Also, we found several older damages in the back, front, and doors that were hidden by tons of plaster and paint.

I found a very gifted man who is a godfather of welding. I provided him some repair panels from martin robey, but they were used more as a reference than as spare, since they didn’t fit in any ways.

therefore most of the panels were manually shape from bare metal. That’s why it took quite a while to finish the body work. 

Herewith I send you some pictures of the process. Please feel free to ask, if you need more information.




Comments (as at Jul 2017)

Hi Steve,

here´s what I have so far from my side as an update for the Mk1 page:

The car was originally delivered to Belgium in 1967, I have a copy of all correspondence (and invoices) by Jensen Motors with the first owner and the belgian dealer regarding several issues (complaints) of the car (e.g. brakes, suspension, heat, electrical and so on).

The current state:

It is what sellers like to call a daily driver. It actually feels quite good on the road. The axles and engine/transmission work really fine. But former body and welding work was performed very poorly. The sills and some parts of the floor panels are quite rusty and had been covered with epoxy paint. The paint is bad, the seals are dried out, the interior, which used to be tan, is a mess since someone overpainted it in white. The original wood of the center console is gone and replaced with poorly finished rosewood. The wheels are GKN alloys from Series 3.

Resurrection plan:

Try to figure out the original Jensen paint color: Blue metallic…

The interior needs to be fully revised in original tan, I can´t save the old leather, I guess

restore the center console wood cover (when I have found out what wood to use…)

I have a full set of original 15“ restyle wheels that will be mounted to the car

will disassemble all windows, doors, bonnet and hatch, prepare for welding and paint job

revise all seals, rubbers, grommets.

replace some gauges and instruments - and the steering wheel for an orignal Mk1

I found the original engine somewhere in Sweden, it is the 383 HP from 1966 that needs to be rebuilt and implanted

That´s it for now. If you need more Information, don´t hesitate to contact me.



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