Chassis No: 115/3492

Engine No. 172715E

Built : 29 Jul 1969

Original Registration:CYO 20H

Original Colour: Crystal Blue

Original Equipment:

  1. *Cotton Reel Headrests

  2. *8 Track

Current Colour: Blue

Current Engine No: 172715E

Current Registration: RAP 72

Mileage Record:

May 1999        -           97664

May 2000        -           98344

May 2001        -           98645

May 2002        -           98825

May 2003        -           99047

Oct  2004        -           99245   

Sep 2005        -           99412 (Engine Rebuilt)

Oct 2006         -         100376

Oct 2007         -         101032

Jun 2008         -         101529

Jun 2009         -         101810

May 2010        -         103246

May 2011        -         104769

July 2012         -        105394

May 2013        -       

May 2014        -       

May 2015        -       

May 2016        -        106555

May 2017        -        107855

May 2018        -        108555   

Current Owner since:


Previous Owners:

1989    -    1999 Chris Hickey

1985?  -    1989 Claude Humphries

Club Area: 3 Counties

Past work.


  1. New Starter.


  1. The engine was rebuilt and converted to run on unleaded fuel by Richard Moore Engineering in March, Cambridgeshire.

  2. New 78 amp alternator.

  3. The Inner and Outer Sills were cut out and replaced and a partial respray, up to the Roof, was undertaken locally.


  1. New Kenlowe Fans fitted, one in front of the Radiator and one behind.


  1. Stainless Steel Exhaust system fitted.

  2. Poly bushes fitted.

  3. New front brake pads.

2008 - 2009.

  1. Radiator Upgrade - Mike Billmore has made a bespoke radiator shroud that now holds the 2 * 13 inch Kenlowe fans behind the Radiator.

  2. Alternator Upgrade Mike has also upgraded the Alternator to a 90 amp Mitsubishi variety and the associated wiring as well as changing the Ammeter for a voltmeter.

  3. Oil Water & Gauge reinstated as part of the Engine bay refurbishment.

  4. Cooler Upgrade. Both Engine and Gearbox coolers have been added as part of the Radiator work.

  5. Wiring Upgrades. As part of the above work Mike has had to upgrade a lot of the engine bay wiring including tidying and rerouting some ‘dangerous’ wires around the Battery.

  6. New Heater control fitted.

  7. New tail pipes fitted.

2009 - 2010.

  1. Interior lights completely stripped down and rebuilt which entailed making new contacts and switches.

  2. The mirror was stripped and rebuilt including being crackle painted

  3. The Delta Controller has been fitted just in front of the fuses under a purpose built cover. This also involved a degree of rewiring and Mike re-manufacturing the water bottle holder so the new wiring does not chaff.

  4. The aerial has been replaced and a retro style radio installed. Click on the Photo top right to see the installation. This will allow iPod use. The fate of the old 8-track is being considered.

  5. In the UK the radio fitted can be seen at  It is also available from the USA.

2017- 2018

  1. New front discs and calipers, replaced Power steering Rack, New tyres, new headlights with relays, rebalanced wheels, replaced door seals and rear window seals, remote locking. started on interior leather restoration 

  2. 2018 Car now back with Mike for more fettling including correcting the window runners that were put back in wrongly for 30+ years ago, adding door poppers for remote opening and now he has started on the Parking Pawl and gearbox inhibitor 

Future Projects:

  1. 4 way flashers.

  2. Intermittent wipers.

  3. Engine Bay ‘tarting’ to match the engine shroud.


Current Owners Comments (as at Aug 2010)

Having been the keeper of RAP 72 since 1999 when it was given to me by my father after he found he was bouncing off the narrow country roads and getting too old to drive it. So it has been in the ‘family’ since 1989.

When I retired in 2005 I had the Engine rebuilt and converted to run on unleaded fuel; that was just at 100000 miles. At the same time the sills, inner and outer, were replaced and a partial re-spray completed. As you can see the mileage has been minimal because, for some irrational reason, I worried about the reliability. It always ran hot and was a poor starter; well I had trouble starting it!

Fortunately I met Mike Billmore (aka Wallace on the Jensen Owners Forum) and he has been fettling with the car and it is now at the stage where I feel confident that it is going to get me there and back. The amount of work he has undertaken is listed under past work (2008-2009 and 2009-2010). The quality of Mike’s work is to be commended; as is his patience in explaining what he was doing. 

My aim is to keep the car as original as possible but ensure it is as safe and ‘drivable’ and as reliable as possible. Hence, improved fans, alternator and the future improvements of central locking and 4 way flashers.

As an aside in Aug 2010 I did 800+ miles and on a 280 mile journey around the M11/M25 and M23 managed 17.3 mpg. :-)

Known on the Forum as RAP72                                      

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