Chassis No: 115/3472

Engine No. E3831698-15E

Built : 14 July 1969

Original Registration: YPD 109G

Original Colour:   

exterior  Crystal blue

interior   Black

Original Equipment:

  1. *Voxson Radio Cartridge Player

  2. *Dunlop SP Sports Radial Tyres

Current Colour: Aurora (metallic bronze)

Current Engine No: as above

Current Registration: YMC 44J

Current Mileage: 93,653

Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

Antony and Mark Whitmore 1985   -   to date.

Previous Owners:

???  to 28 01 1978

Geoffrey Henry Day

28 01 1978 to ?????

George Stephen Langton,

c 1983 - 22-01-1986

Transported to Australia c 1983.  

Reregistered in South Australia SMZ 586 (SA)

Lawrence M Gerghetta

22 01 1986 to 15-10-2002

Reregistered in Queensland JAV 99 

Dr John Vincent

15 10 2002  to present: Left to Antony Whitmore by John Vincent (uncle), bought by Mark Whitmore

Reregistered Australian Capital Territory YCS 05Y (ACT)

Brought to UK June 2009 reregistered to original registration YPD 109G on 23 10 2010

Club Area:

Past work.

2009 - 2010. Mechanical restoration work by Dave Barnett

2011 - 2012 Bodywork restoration by Colin Holley completed mid 2013

Mechanical and bodywork restoration undertaken 

Future Projects:

Known on the Forum as Mark W

CURRENT HISTORY Page  - for 115/3472

JOC Membership  Number    ****

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Current Owners Comments (as at Dec 2019)

We do still own 3472, but we did our own little Brexit a couple of years ago when we decided to retired back to Australia.  We brought the car back with us and so it is now on ACT registration as YMC44J.  However I have hung onto the UK plates and popped them on at the 'Terribly British' car show at Queanbeyan (it's just over the border from Canberra so technically in NSW).  

A combination of work by Dave Barnet (particularly doing a large part of the work on an engine rebuild) and Colin Holley (bodywork and paint) has the car looking much more respectable and running pretty well.  Transmission rebuild was much more problematic (despite people saying how bullet-proof and simple they are), but we finally seem to have a reliable unit again.  I have also done a great deal of work on the car including refurbishing and reinstalling the interior (I reused original leather from the car where possible, but a fair bit of it is from 115/2903).

I'm enjoying not having to worry about salt on the road when I go for a drive these days!!!

Picture attached when trailering the car from Sydney to Canberra in 2017.



Current Owners Comments (as at Jun 2011)

The car has quite an interesting history and has been in the family since 1985. It has spent most of its time in Australia but now resides in Essex because my father and I both live in the UK these days and we had the car shipped here in Summer 2009 for a full restoration.

I will send you a more detailed description soon along with some photos (including photos of it being used to tow an enormous caravan in the early 1990s when my uncle owned it).

Thanks for adding our car to the list Steve. Actually, i forgot to mention that the car is currently undergoing a full body restoration with Colin at CH autos, so you can actually mark it with a "yellow shadow" at the moment. I'll update you with more info and photos in due course.

            Blue (for sale)                         Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )

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