Chassis No: 115/3356

Engine No. E1589-15E

Built : 20 April 1969

Original Registration:PCD 196G

Original Colour:   

     exterior  'Crimson'

     interior   Black 

Original Equipment:

  1. 1.Voxon 8 track

  2. 2.White wall tyres

Current Colour: Rover Nightfire Red

Current Engine No: I changed the block a couple of years ago but not sure of the number

Current Registration: BGC 88G

Current Mileage: about 85,000

Mileage Record:

Only about 1400 over past 3 years

Current Owner since:

29 August 2000   -   to date.

Previous Owners:

i) from 11 May 1996 to 29 August 2000 - Lauren Bachet

ii) from 22 June 1984 to ?? - Donald Aldridge

iii) from 11 October 1982 to 22 June 1984 - Michael Elliot

Looks like it was first owned by a Mr Macdonald of C V Buchan and Co., Burgess Hill (or by the company)

Club Area: Cotswold / Oxon

Past work.

Previous owner had gearbox re-conditioned, new radiator and new rack fitted.

I had the car off the road from 2001 toabout 2007 during which time I replaced the lower 6 inches (or so) of bodywork all round the car. Had re-spray. Had leather panels replaced where cracked, and most of chrome work re-chromed. Overall intention was to return to presentable condition rather than concours. Changed to FBO electronic ignition.

Future Projects:

I still have to finish the parcel shelves (under the dashboard), but not sure if/when I will get round to doing.  

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JOC Membership  Number    ****

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Current Owners Comments (as at Aug 2019)

Car for sale at Appleyards   or call andy on 01159325320.

Current Owners Comments (as at Jan 2013)

Not used last year as much as I would like. I changed the electronic ignition from the FBO system, which had let me down twice,  to one based on an HEI module. This has performed fine so far.


Current Owners Comments (as at May 2014)

Hi Steve,

I attach another couple of photos of my Mk 1. Reason being that I bit the bullet and changed the wheels from the Wolfrace (or similar) alloys that I got with the car back to refurbished Rostyles. I was quite happy with the look of the alloys but the (205/70) tyres would rub on the wheel arches if I had more than just me in the car (and I had taken back the return in the arch as much as I dared). The Rostyles are narrower rims and are fitted with 185 tyres. There seems plenty of clearance now. 

            Blue (for sale)                         Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )