Chassis No: 115/3252

Engine No. E1397/15D

Built : 11 feb 1969

Original Registration: VGU 31G

Original Colour: mist grey

                exterior mist grey

                interior black


Original Equipment:


non recorded in the Data Chassis Book


Current Colour: “BMW grey/brown”

Current Engine No: E**********

Current Registration: AL-81-64 The Netherlands

Current Mileage: 54500


Mileage Record:

***** - ***** ************

***** - ***** ************

***** - ***** ************



Current Owner since:

15-11-2004 - to date.


Previous Owners:

from to name

**** - ***** ***************

**** - ***** ***************



Club Area: Jensen Genootschap Holland # 260


Past work.

2005 - 2006. various


2006 - 2007. various


2007 - 2008. Full body repaint


2008 - 2009. various


2009 - 2010. New brake system


2011 – 2012 various



Future Projects:

Current (Dutch) MOT until january 2013

Comments (as at Nov 2018)

New photos sent by Stef and added to the album. Car is approaching the end of a major restoration 

Comments (as at July 2012)

I noted on Facebook ( that the car was in a garage in the Netherlands and asked Stef about it the following is his reply:

 Hi Steve. I'll ask the owner whether he's okay with me updating you about his Jensen. The car will be here for the next couple of months for repair and bodywork so time isn't going to be an issue. I'll get back to you.

Then another person added

Dear Steve,

Stef Schackmann is THE Jensen specialist in the Netherlands.

Just put his phonenumber in your mobile: any Jensen trouble in the Netherlands Stef will be there!!!

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